Me in a single sentence

Jota Castro

Catalogue Hardcore – Towards a new activism - 2003

Jota, that’s me, the son of a woman who is the daughter of a son of a bitch and a gentleman of the Third World, I suffered from neglect when I was little and I stopped talking for a year when I was five years old, I was a soldier, I played sports, I studied, I traveled a lot, I wrote a book—no good—I met my wife in Madrid, I married her in Belfast, I almost lost her, I almost lost me, I came back to my dreams, it makes me laugh knowing that Freud loved cocaine as much as me, I’ve got kidney problems but I’m taking care of myself, I dreamed of a destiny whereas I already had one, I love sex like I love life, I was tortured and I still feel guilty, I have been rich and I didn’t like, I have been poor and I didn’t like, I don’t know where I’m gonna die, I have no children, I haven’t got a mother tongue any more, I picked up art because I couldn’t stand lying , I’ve always liked writing poetry, I lost a woman I loved, my father died without me ever seeing him again, I haven’t seen my mother in 20 years, I feel lonely sometimes, I’m crazy about soccer, when I was little my motto was die rather than sin, sometimes certain friends call me el hijo del sol, I’ve traveled more than my imagination, I was in Berlin when the wall came down, I was in Moscow during Perestroika, mathematics calms me down, I once dreamed of a star that walked, I read the sports newspaper Equipe every day, I love the rain when I’m at home, I have a retarded little brother called Fidel, I love Cy Twombly, I feel right at home in Scotland, I feel right at home in Italy, I’ve seen Pelé and Maradona play, I painted the stairs in my house orange, I’m fascinated by Morrison’s “low pad” armchair, I’m not white, I feel guilty, I was born in the Amazonia.