Hucha de Los Incas

___ I am not sure whether in Spain or in any European country, the history of the conquest is taught in the same way as in Latin America.
I remember that as a child I was very surprised by the story of the rescue ransom proposed by the Incas to recover Atahualpa.
An enormous place was filled with gold and silver brought in from the entire empire to save our king.
It was useless, the Conquerors killed him anyway.
To my surprise, when I told this story to friends from some of the poorest countries in the world I discovered that they all had stories of paid ransoms, unkept promises and executed or, in the best cases, exiled kings.

To simplify the problem and visualise it better, all individuals from the third world who were raised in a colonised country are potential Incas ; they have paid a ransom, their language, sometimes their religion, their guilt, their trauma, without being able to save their Inca.
Fill the moneybox to the brink and we will see later what to do with the depreciated money and with my complexes.
  Hucha de Los Incas, 2008, gold leaves on fiberglass, metal sign, 200 cm x 130 cm